One morning in high school, I was up before the sun was and began my groggy stumble to the shower.
It was nearing dawn and the house was barely lit by the outside light. As I passed through the hallway toward the bathroom I looked down and almost tripped over a very large object on the ground.
I gasped loudly and stumbled back as it took me by surprise. It was the shape of an adult male lying in a semi-fetal position on the hallway floor.
I turned cold and felt the blood drain away from my head as I looked away.
“Oh my god, my Dad has fallen, had a heart attack, he’s dead, what do I do?” I thought, panic stricken.
My brother’s bedroom door (3 years my junior) was just up ahead on the left and there was a phone on the wall a foot beyond my crumpled father.
I turned back to rush to the phone and to wake my brother only to find that in fact, there was nothing on the floor.
I flicked on the hallway lights and darted my eyes around where this object had just clearly been….nothing. My head was on a swivel, my heart still pounding, I ran to my father’s room and flung opened the door. He was there, sound asleep and snoring very loudly.
I opened my brother’s door, the same only no snoring. I shook it off and went about my day.
Later that afternoon, after school, I told my brother what had happened. We’ve both experienced many similar unexplained phenomenons in the past, so I knew he’d listen.
“Oh…. yea.. that…” my brother replied, unfazed and unshakable as always.
“……I’ve seen him before” he continued.
“I opened my bedroom door one afternoon and a shadowy dark figure dropped down in front of me, like he had hanged himself or something” he said, matter-of-factly.
“WHAT?!” I panicked, feeling myself go cold again.
“What did you do??”
“I just walked through him and went to my desk to play video games”
Neither of us had experienced such events in years, not since we moved out of the home we grew up in. In a way, I kind of missed it, but this was only the start of many more events to occur in this house. And, although fun to tell now, I wasn’t enjoying them at the time.
No matter where I moved over the next ten years, stuff like that kept happening. Then it stopped for a few years. Recently, out of the blue, it has started again.