Gather the proper and essential salon style nail supplies. This means, have a support system, a plan, a goal and be prepared for anything.

Supplies include:

Acetone – Self realization and self discipline.

Nail clippers – Your tool for avoidance.

Cuticle Clippers – The ability to fine tune your ultimate goal.

Orange Stick – Your own personal way of getting back on track if you go outside of the lines.

Nail Buffer – Your final brush off of all that was and what you’re now ready to become.

Color of your Choice – The world is your oyster, enjoy it.


Find the right place to give yourself the manicure of a lifetime. This means, a comforting environment full of positivity, support and free from all negative distractions.


Revisit the instructions of your “how to give yourself a salon style manicure at home” manual. This means you are all set up and ready to DIVE right in to this new adventure, however, don’t paint away just yet! Revisit your initial intent and remind yourself of the proper steps to take. This is essential in succeeding. If you reach for that manual while your nails are prematurely painted and still wet, well, you are back to square one.


Apply acetone to your nails to get rid of old residue. This means, letting go of the past, doubts and regrets. Regrets are OK, but do not let them interfere with your manicure.


Wash your hands. This means giving yourself a clean start, a virgin nail if you will.


Buff and file. This means, getting rid of dead weight and grooming your foundation to prepare for what you will build on your new life/fingernail.


Apply your top coat. If you do not apply it just right, the foundation you build on top of it will chip and crumble within days. You must carefully seal the edges to avoid outside influences creeping in and destroying what you are building.


Be patient and let them dry. Do not touch anything. This means, once again, use this time to sit and reflect. Maybe re-read that pesky manual again or stare at a wall. So long as you let them dry, do not rush it and do not disturb it.

Now you are ready to paint! (Remember, do not neglect those edges!) Double reinforcement never hurt anyone, except for those trying to bust through your newly Fort-Knox-ed life/fingernail.


Paint with nice even strokes, bottom to top in three sections. This means, again, do not rush it, be precise and efficient. Also, do not be afraid if you go outside the lines, that is what the orange stick is for. It is OK to have hiccups along the way, that is how we learn. Plus, you have already built a strong foundation. A minor thing like that is dust in the wind and you will have learned how to avoid it the next time.

Tenth: (See step five)

Eleventh: (See step six) but also, add a clear top coat. You are almost there! Let it dry. Think about how far you have come from all of chipped nails, the filing, the buffing, the painting and waiting. You are almost there..


Show it off and amaze others. Let the world see just what you have been through and how you created a new result. It is a tedious task, but we all must suffer to be beautiful.