One day I was sitting on the edge of my bed getting ready for work and I let out a burp, the kind that comes from deep in the belly.

To my horror, smoke poured out of mouth. Although it didn’t smell like smoke, it smelled familiar but I couldn’t place it. I freaked out. I hadn’t been smoking and hadn’t even eaten yet that day for anything like that to be coming out of me.

I forced out a few more burps while I frantically paced around my apartment patting myself down feeling for hot spots on my body.

A few months earlier I had read about spontaneous human combustion in a “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” book and was POSITIVE this is what was happening to me.

It happened again a week later, this time I was at work. I informed my staff not to worry if I burst into flames, it’s only SHC. SHC has a difficult time burning laterally so it burns upward leaving nearby objects undamaged.

Another week went by and I was still intact. I went to take my morning vitamins and one of the capsules had broken apart leaving a smelly powder in the bottom of the bottle. I wafted the scent toward my nose.

“Why does this smell so familiar?” I thought.

Then it hit me. That was my SHC smell! When I took these vitamins, occasionally when the capsule was not fully digested (and I burped), the powder would come out like smoke.

Drink a full glass of water and/or take your vitamins with food or according to whatever the bottle says folks.