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Public Service Announcement

One day I was sitting on the edge of my bed getting ready for work and I let out a burp, the kind that comes from deep in the belly. To my horror, smoke poured out of mouth. Although it didn't smell like smoke, it smelled familiar but I couldn't place it....

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Change For Time

CHAPTER ONE - "The Long Train Home" I was on a train traveling down the river to Bangor, Maine when I heard the "official" news. Someone at a pastry kiosk at the Bangor State Fair had been gunned down. The details of the incident had not yet been made...

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Last of the iGens

I am iGen I what is iGen? It is the generation of folks who grew up with half or more of their lives sans internet, wireless phones, etc. We didn't "graduate" from ridiculous grades like pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and elementary school. We were neither awarded for...

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The Red-Eyed Monster

As I sat here composing a complaining rant that my red-eye flight had no wifi or adjustable headrests or food or pillows or blankets or happy employees, that it was filled with a symphony of snores and a drum line of coughs and chimes of crying babies and that someone...

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